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Inspecting Your Home

Home inspections are easy when you start with Pillar To Post Home Inspections. Home inspections are imperative when you are considering purchasing real estate and can also be a good idea if you are selling a home. If you are putting a home on the market, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors can give you an idea of any issues your home may have, providing the opportunity to make necessary repairs and get you top-dollar in the selling process.

Finding The Right Home Inspectors

Setting up a home inspection with a Pillar To Post Home Inspector is seamless and easy when you understand the process. Our convenient methods let you reach out and secure a home inspection when it is best for you. Start now and get yourself the best home inspection possible with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.


Get the Right Team to Back You Up

Our expertly trained professional home inspectors perform to the highest of industry standards and are equipped with Professional Liability Insurance. With Pillar to Post, you have a certified partner who will provide objective, clear insight into the condition of the home.

Technical Excellency

Our home inspectors are equipped with the best, most reliable technology in the market. We use our own state-of-the-art reporting software that operates with the use of an iPad.

Pillar to Post Training and Certification

In addition to standard licensure requirements for home inspectors, we receive additional in-class and in-field training.Many of our home inspectors also attain additional certifications for added services such as radon inspection, mold/spore sampling, termite inspection and more in order to provide a comprehensive inspection service tailored for your needs.

Ready To Get Started?

Pillar To Post inspectors are E&O insured, highly trained, deliver detailed reports and take pride in helping you make clear decisions when buying or selling a home, ensuring confident home ownership.


Repair Costs for Any Home Can Be Unpredictable

This tool provides a list of the estimated costs to upgrade or replace the major systems and components in a typical home. It also provides a general guideline for the life-expectancies of those systems.

View Estimated Cost Through Miles Steele Pillar to Post Home Inspectors Residential Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide

Knowledge Is at Your Fingertips

The Miles Steele Pillar to Post Home Inspectors Construction and Remodeling Estimates Cost Guide provides estimated cost ranges for the repair and/or replacement of major systems and components in a home including heating and cooling, roofing, plumbing, electrical and much more. It also includes general guidelines for the life expectancies of those systems. This information can help your clients make informed decisions when they’re considering home repairs or improvements and is valued by buyers and sellers alike.

Receive Cost Estimates You Can Rely On

These estimates reflect the average basic costs for supplies and installation of building materials in United States and Canada. Costs may vary depending on regions, upgrades, complexity and disposal fees.

It is our strong recommendation that you obtain at least three written quotes from reputable licensed local contractors for validation.

Tips For Homesellers


  • Clean debris from gutters and drains

  • Re-caulk around exterior windows & doors

  • Repair damaged masonry on walkways & steps

  • Repair minor defect in exterior wall materials

  • Replace damaged and missing shingles

  • Seal driveway cracks


  • Repair leaking faucets and fixtures

  • Repair cracked and broken window panes

  • Have chimneys cleaned

  • Have a professional electrician inspect receptacle & switches, then make necessary repairs

  • Re-caulk around bathtubs & sinks

  • Arrange service for your HVAC

  • Replace batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

  • Loosen any windows that are painted shut

Inspection Day

  • Clear entrance to storage sheds, attic, crawl spaces, basement, and garage

  • Clear paths of snow & debris

  • If the buyer will be present, then be away from the house for the duration of the inspection

  • Keep pets in a safe location or remove them from the property if necessary

  • Move objects away from water heater, furnace and air conditioner

  • Provide all keys for any locked doors

Disclosures & Warranties

  • Disclose past fires, floods and major repair work

  • Provide building permits or plans for any major renovations

  • Provide invoices & warranties for major improvements like roofs, furnaces, and appliances